Residential Windows

A luxury wood patio in the woods featuring large windows
We help our customers refine designs, minimize seal sightlines, increase energy efficiency, and ease installation.

We develop solutions for a variety of residential window styles, including:

icon of an awning window
Awning & Hopper
an icon of a sliding window
An icon of a fixed window.
an icon of a double hung window
Single & Double Hung

Example profile designs:

Example of foam kerf bulb seal.
Foam Kerf Seal
Double Bulb Kerf Seal
Bulb Kerf Seal
Casement Bulb Seal

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Co- and tri-extrusions allow for multiple durometers and materials in a single profile.

Foam and Dense Parts

Foamed, dense, and combinations allow for precise compression fine-tuning.

Anti-stretch Cords

Design your profile with an internal spline to prevent stretching during installation.

Common profile styles:


Consult directly with engineers

Collaborate with our team to improve the form, fit, and performance of your window seals.
    • AAMA 702
    • ASTM
    • Design Review
        • FEA

                All about our material

                We produce window seals out of TPV, a thermoplastic elastomer that processes like a plastic but performs like a thermoset rubber.
                • 100% recyclable
                      • Does not off-gas
                      • Extreme temperature range
                        • No polycarbonate attack
                        • PIB compatible
                        • Superior weathering

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