What We Do

An image of a red and black co-extruded gasket
An extruder operator and manager reviewing a profile shape

Our Process

Walk through our standard process with a new project, including initial design review, tooling and sampling, production, and customer support.

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Windows and Doors

Custom seals and setting blocks for residential and commercial buildings.
Fenestration Solutions


Custom spiral pipe gaskets, damper blade seals, and more.
HVAC Solutions

Other Solutions

Automotive, Industrial, OEM, Coolers, Squeegees, and more.
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  • Materials

    We extrude thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), which consists of fully-cured EPDM suspended in a matrix of polypropylene. TPV allows our seals to perform like thermoset rubber, recycle like plastic, and benefit from qualities unique to itself.

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Co- and tri-extrusions allow for multiple durometers and materials in a single profile.

Foam and Dense Parts

Foamed, dense, and combinations allow for precise compression fine-tuning.

Anti-stretch Cords

Design your profile with an internal spline to prevent stretching during installation.

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