Commercial Doors

Commercial entry doors
We provide engineering support and TPV seals for a variety of commercial door systems.

Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) seals are suitable for a variety of applications including:

Automatic Sliding Doors
An image of a blast resistant door
Impact & Blast Resistant Doors
An image of a revolving door
Revolving Doors
Door for aluminum framed storefront
Storefront Doors

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Co- and tri-extrusions allow for multiple durometers and materials in a single profile.

Foam and Dense Parts

Foamed, dense, and combinations allow for precise compression fine-tuning.

Anti-stretch Cords

Design your profile with an internal spline to prevent stretching during installation.

Common profile styles:

Compression Seal
Door Sweep
Top Load Gasket

Consult directly with engineers

Our engineers will provide design support for new product launches, meeting certification tests, and improving aesthetics.
    • ASTM
    • Design Review
        • FEA

                    All about our material

                    We produce door seals out of TPV, a thermoplastic elastomer that processes like a plastic but performs like a thermoset rubber.
                    • 100% recyclable
                        • Does not off-gas
                        • Extreme temperature range
                          • No polycarbonate attack
                          • Superior weathering
                          • Consistent material blends
                          • Superior abrasion resistance
                          • Superior compression-set

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