Reed Rubber provides innovative materials and profile designs for weatherproof seals for multi-unit ventilation systems.

Ventilation seals can be used in for a variety of applications including: dryer vents, bathroom ventilation systems, and air conditioning ports

Graphic of an air conditioning port
AC Port
An exterior vent
Bathroom Vent
An exterior dryer vent
Dryer Vent

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Co- and tri-extrusions allow for multiple durometers and materials in a single profile.

Foam and Dense Parts

Foamed, dense, and combinations allow for precise compression fine-tuning.

Anti-stretch Cords

Design your profile with an internal spline to prevent stretching during installation.

Consult directly with engineers

Custom designed ventilation seals provide easy installation and tight sealing.
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                  All about our material

                  TPV is an ideal material for ventilation systems and has many benefits, such as:
                        • Does not off-gas
                        • Extreme temperature range
                              • Superior weathering

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