An illustration of an HVAC system with dampers
We manufacture custom jamb seals and custom and stock damper blade seals in various profiles.

Cross section of a damper seal profile
Blade Seal
Clip on damper blade seal
Blade Seal
Bulb style clip on HVAC damper seal profile
Blade Bulb Seal
HVAC damper side seal profile
Jamb & Side Seal

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Co- and tri-extrusions allow for multiple durometers and materials in a single profile.

Foam and Dense Parts

Foamed, dense, and combinations allow for precise compression fine-tuning.

Anti-stretch Cords

Design your profile with an internal spline to prevent stretching during installation.

Consult directly with engineers

Custom damper seals designed to fit your systems.
              • Custom Cut Lengths
              • FEA
              • Design Review
              • ASHRAE 90.1

                All about our material

                Reed seals are manufactured with Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV).
                • Chemical resistance
                • Does not off-gas
                • Superior abrasion resistance
                • Superior compression-set
                • Extreme temperature range
                • 100% recyclable

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